Tokyo, Japan / Chiyoda Art Festival 2011

The "Chiyoda Art Festival 2011" will be held in September at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo. The event will involve an exhibition, performances on a purpose-built stage, and a "Whole Arts Market", offering a wide range of creators and performers an opportunity to present their activities in diverse event.

"Chiyoda Art Festival 2011"
A Festival Open for All :  Call for Submissions

Due to the events of 11th March 2011, 3331 postponed the "3331 Independents" exhibition due to be held in May of this year, and deeply apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this. But we are pleased to inform you that this event has been rescheduled for September 2011 and we are now launching an open call for submissions.

■ Event: "Chiyoda Art Festival 2011"  

Organizers: 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Exhibition : "3331 Independents" 3rd September (Saturday) – 19th September (Monday/Public Holiday)
12:00-19:00 (closed on Tuesdays)    Admission Free
Stage: "Odorinoba" 4th, 17th, 18th September 13:00-16:00    Admission Free
Market : "Whole Arts Market" 17th, 18th September 12:00-17:00    Admission Free
Opening Party 3rd September 18:00-21:00
Deadline for Submissions 1st August 2011

■ Exhibition "3331 Independents"

In its first year "3331 Independents" brought together over 350 works in 3331's main gallery. It is usually the case in such an open call submission that works are presented without heirachy, but 3331 also provides a scholarship program for select artists nominated by visitors and jury panel. Winners of this scholarship will have the opportunity to present their work in "Gallery B" in a short exhibition from April 2012.
3rd September (Saturday) – 19th September (Monday/Public Holiday) 12:00-19:00   closed on Tuesdays  (Until 18:00 on last day)
Admission Free
Venue: 1F Main Gallery, Lounge

● Public Critic Session:

Date: 10th, 11th, September 13:00-17:00    Venue: 1F Main Gallery
Jury Guests – Igarashi Taro (Architect Critic) / O JUN (Artist) / Sato Naoki (Designer, 3331 Artistic Director)/ Sawaragi Noi (Art Critic) / Shikata Yukiko (Media Art Curator)/ Tachibana Fumio (Artist/Graphic Designer)/Nakamura Masato (Arists/Director of 3331)/ Hachiya Kazuhiko (Media Artist)

■ Market "Whole Arts Market"

Enjoy a relaxing weekend at the market on 3331's rooftop, filled with books, art, collections of all kinds arranged between numerous booths across this open space.
Dates: 17th, 18th September 12:00-17:00   Admission Free   Venue: Rooftop (in the case of rain – 2F Sports Hall)

◆ Submission Deadline : 1st August 2011

In the case that all availability is filled before this date, the open call will be closed earlier
How to apply Please download the application form from the website and send it along with an image of the work. For further details please see the website.

3331 Arts Chiyoda
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