Berlin, Germany / Planket 2011

Planket 2011

Det Osynliga / Das Unsichtbare
Berlin 10 September

Planket 2011 (the fence) is a one-day photography Exhibition that will run along
Görlitzerstrasse on the beautiful wall surrounding Görlitzer Park. The curators Iréne Berggren
and hannah goldstein have invited 60 Swedish and German photographers to examine the
topic The invisible. The invisible and the wish to make the invisible visible, has been a driving
force in photography since its inception. The photograph gives us pictures of the
unconsciousnessʼs ideas about wishes and fantasies, caring and cruelty. 1982 was the first
year that the Planket exhibition took place on Lilla Mejtens gränd at Vitabergsparken in
Stockholm. It ran years until 1994. The idea of an exhibition where photographers and
visitors could meet was once again resumed in 2007.

Planket 2011 is open between 12.00 and 18.00. The exhibition will continue from 20.00 at
Kulturpalast Wedding International, Freienwalder Str. 20. At 22.00 the slideshow will begin
with this years guest of honour Vietnamese-American photographer An-My Lê.

Planket 2011 is a travelling exhibition from Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first year it travels
outside Sweden. Catalogue available.

Inbjudna fotografer:

Sara Appelgren
Nygårds Karin Bengtsson
Helena Bergengren
Malou Bergman
Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez
Helena Blomqvist
Stina Brockman
Caisa Bromberg
Aida Chehrehgosha
Anna Clarén
Chiara Dazi
Maja Flink
Linda Forsell
Åsa Franck
Catharina Gotby
Carola Grahn/Erika Svensson
Nadja Hallström 
Snövit Hedstierna
Linda Hofvander
Anna Hurtig
Helga Härenstam
Cecilia Joachimsson
Anna Julkunen
Moa Karlberg
Judith Klapper
Anna Kleberg
Katja Klemm
Miriam Klyvare
Nina Korhonen
Anna Lamberg
Claire Laude
Anja Liljefors
Tuija Lindström
Amelie Losier
Sandra Mann
Maria Miesenberger
Sara Mirzajanzadeh
Hannah Modigh
Tova Mozard
Stefanie Mueller
Lene Münch
Sophie Mörner htp://
Lisa Paulsson
Julia Peirone
Stefanie Rumpler
Sofia Runarsdotter
Gabi Schaffner
Helene Schmitz
Maria Selinder
Sanna Sjöswärd
Gunnar Smoliansky
Judith Stenneken
Ylva Sundgren
Annika Thörn Legzdins
Dagmar Tränkle
Snezana Vucetic Bohm
Johanna Wulff
Antonia Zennaro
Pernilla Zetterman