Barcelona, Catalonia / 2nd Congress of Design and Innovation in Catalonia

-- Announcement of the 2nd International Awards for Design Innovation under the 2nd Congress of Design and Innovation in Catalonia Contest Rules

Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi and FUNDIT,  organizers of the 2nd Congress of Design and Innovation in Catalonia, with the collaboration and support of different organizations of business in Catalonia, call for any specialty designers, to send their nominations to the 2nd edition of the International Design Award for Innovation.

After the success of 1st edition, the 2nd Congress of Design and Innovation in Catalonia (CIDIC) pretends the  promotion of the design with scientific rigor, at the  same time,) has the purpose to link designers with companies. International Design Awards for Innovation, an honorary, aim to highlight the results of  product design and innovation services involving business and consistent with the accessibility to any type of person and respect for environmental sustainability.

-- The objectives of this call are:

 Enhance the designs that seek user satisfaction and environmental respect.
 To promote closer relations between designers and companies.
 Emphasize the importance of design in the process of innovation and contribution
to the revival business.
 To publicize the initiatives over the past two years have made a contribution to
innovation through design.

-- Scope of Applications

Candidates applai

It is addressed to both businesses and designers, they need to work in designing
products or in a productivity plan. (It is open to designers of any specialty, and in any economic sector, documenting a creative project that has been their responsibility, if is published or already on market.

It is possible to participate also for companies that have innovated their products or
services through the design from 1st January 2008 to 1st January 2010. Run of their
acquiescence of the designers involved.

-- Processing of applications.

Should be sent to the email address a dossier in pdf format,
containing the following sections:

1. Title of the project.
2. Full name of the / candidates.
3. Registered office of the bid.
4. Project summary (maximum 10 lines).
5. Objectives of the project.
6. Description of service or product developed.
7. Methodology.
8. Description of the results.

 The extension of the Dossier must not exceed 7 pages, including images and

 If you think that your proposal fits the requirements, sent by mail or messenger
illustrative posters, copies of manuscripts, finished products or other materials
that create endorsing his candidacy. These materials will be retuned to you at the
end of the congress (you need to pay all expenses).

-- Presentation and project exhibition:

The 10 designer finalists will be allowed to 20 minutes presentation  of their projects
and 10 minutes to answer their questions to the listeners , (Projects can be presented
as a prototyping object or with electronic support).

-- Awards

The jury  will given two honorary awards for the best projects joining creativity and

 Category 1: international area.

Because both the ESDI as FUNDIT were born in Sabadell, and one of its most important
impact areas are the regions of Vallès, a special  award  will be  given  for the best
candidate that has it social base in the Vallès area..
The jury reserves the right to not award the prizes.

-- Jury

We will present two different jury:

 The professional Jury will be chaired by the Chairman of the Congress and is
comprised to recognized professionals in the design and innovation among
whom there will be a representative of the FUNDIT, a professor of ESDI (Ramon
Llull University) and representatives of business organizations collaborating.

 Popular jury,  people  attending the meeting will be able to give their vote.
Will be released later in order to protect their impartiality.
Evaluation criteria

 Quality of design: The design excellence, including the use of images, fonts, new
materials, new technologies and more.

 Innovation: Providing new solutions that differentiate your product or service of

 Effectiveness: Adequacy of design with specific purposes of the order.

-- Deadlines

The contestants project dossiers should be sent  before 24:00 hours on March 19
th, 2012.

Should be sent to the e-mail  indicating SUBJECT: Application Design
Award for Innovation. In case you should send a prototype you can submit it with same
subject to:  C/ Marquès de Comilles, 81-83, 08202 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
On March 30 th of 2012 we will inform  who the contest winners are.

The award presentation will be  evolve at  2nd Congress of Design and Innovation in
Catalonia closing ceremony on 27th of April of 2012. At the same time we will inform
about winners by website: also is going to have repercussion on
mass media

-- Acceptance of these conditions and copyrights

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules. When congress will
finish all contestant can pick up their prototype for competition at ESDi reception. The
organization will not return the dossiers and will keep the rights of reproduction in the
mind of Congress, the website, or any appropriate medium to disseminate objective of
the Awards. Under this circumstance, the organization is committed to publishing the
names of the authors. It also reserves the right to record videos and take pictures of
the Awards. Any circumstances not covered by these rules will be resolved by the

-- More info: