Berlin, Germany / Make_Shift #europe

Make_Shift: The expanded field of critical spatial practice

International conference

TU Berlin,
Institute for architecture,
Straße des 17. Juni 152, A151

6 October 2012, 11 am – 7 pm

Make_Shift is an international conference on self-generated and informal
urban design strategies. It encompasses civic engagement, artistic practice
and activism. In a climate of increasingly scarce resources, a
re-imagination of the city space and its potentialities should include such
appropriations and transformations of space in long-term planning agendas.
Featuring leading thinkers on social entrepreneurship and participatory
urbanism, the conference examines the social, economic and political
implications of these forms of spatial agency.

Conference Participants include: Prof. Jeremy Till, Co-Author of Spatial
Agency / Liza Fior, Partnerin, muf architecture/art / Prof. Wouter
Vanstiphout, Crimson Architectural Historians / Atelier d'architecture
autogérée / Eva de Klerk / Andreas Krüger, Modulor Projekt GmbH /
Prinzessinnengärten / Tempelhof Projekt / Dr. Michael LaFond, ID22 / Dr.
Fran Tonkiss, LSE / Respondents: Roemer van Toorn / Markus Bader, raumlabor
/ Jesko Fezer / Elke Krasny / Matthew Griffin / Dr. Rainer Hehl.