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Elena Bajo, La Femme Radicale, Emma Goldman, 2013

D+T Project Gallery

La Femme Radicale or The Point of no Return 
03/05/2013 - 01/06/2013 | Opening Thursday May 02  6.00 - 9.00 pm

For her third solo show at D+T Project Gallery, Elena Bajo (1976) presents a new series of works created in Los Angeles, a research part of the project La Femme Radicale  or The Point of No Return commissioned by Octavio Zaya for the art journal Atlantica (Octavio Zaya is the curator of the Spanish Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2013).

The research on the history and image's ontology of anarchist women such as Emma Goldman (1869-1940) and their reinterpretations by various craftsmen brings altogether a unique body of work that pays tribute to political activism.

 "(…) Since the original digital portraits were found in black and white, the process of investigation of the local  history of psychedelic drugs used by the californian native,  brought in colors exposing the potential
similarities between hallucinatory and pixel effects. Referring to the traditional genre of portrait painting, the artist points at the way Goldman's singularity gets lost in the abstract image the same way her personal voice was part of a broader political agenda. By extracting the image from its original condition, Bajo sets it free and embodies this process as a symbol of anarchy itself". (Florence Ostende, 2013).

Elena Bajo lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles. She has gained international recognition and has extensively exhibited in Europe and the United States and took part in international venues such as: Manifesta 9, Genk/BE (2012); Extra City, Antwerp/BE (2011); David Roberts Arts Foundation, London/UK (2011); Performa 11, NY/USA (2011); MUHKA, Anwerp/BE (2011); Moscow Biennale/RU (2007, 2005); Istanbul Biennial/TK (2005). In May, Elena Bajo will be part of a major exhibition at La Casa Encendida

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