Madrid, Spain | Throw a rock and see what happens | La Casa Encendida #europe

Riduzione di mare, 2012. Francesco Arena.Tripods, salt, book. Shoot from the performance at Monitor, Rome, May 2012. Courtesy Monitor Rome

23/05/2013 - 08/09/2013
Curator: Juan Canela

Francesco Arena · Elena Bajo · Rosa Chancho · Fernando García-Dory · Helen Mirra · Diego Santomé ·Iris Touliatou · Black Tulip · Nico Vascellari · Vessel Opening, Thursday may 23, 8 pm -10 pm

Performances 8 pm Francesco Arena, 8.30 pm Elena Bajo and 9.15 pm Rosa Chancho
La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

Throw a rock and see what happens: this simple gesture is the starting point for investigating the political and symbolic significance of the object and the body, and the relationship between them in the present paradigm, using contemporary materiality —or immateriality—as the pretext. The exhibition brings together a group of artists whose works revolve around the significance of the material used, its relationship with time, and a performative line that establishes a dialogue between the body and the object. These elements —and the agencies that arise between them— cause a number of political, social, structural and historical themes to well up, themes that explore the relationships between man, objects and nature, and the symbols surrounding them.

Throw a Rock and See What Happens is a place where certain lines of thought converge and traverse the exhibition space, turning it into a testing ground in order to see the world through different eyes, understand the relationships that arise within it, and so be able to imagine a new paradigm.

On the opening day will take place performances at 8 pm (more info attached pdf) by Francesco Arena, 8.30 pm,  Elena Bajo and 9.15 pm Rosa Chancho and on Friday 24th at 12am we invite you to a day of cultivation and construction in La Colonia, a project initiated by Fernando García-Dory in the grounds of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense. Throughout the project will be happening various actions and events:


May 23: (20.00h) Francesco Arena, (20.30h) Elena Bajo, with performers: Paloma Carrasco, Alba Fernandez Alba, Marisol Lopez Rubio, Angela Millano, (21.15h) Rosa Chancho
May 24: La Colonia (12.00h)
June 20: Black Tulip (19:00) and Iris Touliatou (20.00h)
September 5: Radio program by Vessel (18.00h)
September 6: Radio program by Vessel (18.00h) and Nico Vascellari (20.00h)

Thanks to Monitor Rome; D+T Project Gallery, Brussels; Galería Estrany - de la Mota, Barcelona; Parra & Romero, Madrid; Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin/Stockholm; Duve, Berlin; Bugada & Cargnel, Paris;  Victoria Perez Arroyo, coordinadora del Master de Practica Escenica y Cultura Visual (UAH).

La Casa Encendida  
Ronda Valencia, 2 
28012 Madrid, Spain