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Guided tour with commentary + debate + video projection

Idensitat starts a cycle of exploratory walking tours with a commentary,  about a particular neighbourhood, or about an area which covers a number of districts. Places which, by the confluence of various complex and not necessarily connected circumstances, demarcate a landscape which fits together in an ill-matched way. 

The accumulation of various elements such as unfinished urban development, drastic transformations both in usage and in the activities which take place, the numerous gap-sites lying fallow under projects of latent speculation, neighbourhood displacement and the flow of migration, stories of struggle and local claims, or the  hopes of building a new image for the city; all these and more and many others characterise the spatial and relational elements of a specific location, from the coincidence of different projects and different times.

These zombie spaces, brought back to life by the confluence of a multiplicity of projects, many unfinished or aborted by other projects, other policies, other economic interests, other external circumstances of a global nature; these spaces trace out cityscapes which continue to function in spite of the disjointedness caused by the wills of several individuals who wish to bring them to life – life shaped in their own image. Life in these places has little to do with how it was imagined it would be.

The Gorg area in Badalona, for the presentation of the documentary "Sin noticias de Gorg. El espacio zombi" opens this project of Idensitat, an attempt to detect, investigate and explore other zombie spaces.


11.15 am Meeting outside the metro station Gorg. (Line 10)

1.30 pm - 2.00 pm Walking Tour with commentary by Francesc Magrinyá, and with the participation of several people who will introduced aspects of local interest.

2.00 pm - 3.30 pm Lunch at a Chinese restaurant in the area (optional)

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm Video Projection and debate. From the documentary"Sin noticias de Gorg. El espacio zombi" produced by Guillermo Cruz, Gaspar Maza, Francesc Magrinyà, as part of the Idensitat project Import-Export.

Activity open and free. To register [here]
Programa: pdf
Contacte: idensitat[at]