Moscow, Russia | The art of pastels: From the graphic art collection (XVIII-XX) | The State Tretyakov Gallery #asia

Isaac Levitan. Autumn Landscape with a Church. 1880s – early 1890s. Paper on cardboard, pastel. 50 x 64,3

The art of pastels: From the graphic art collection (XVIII-XX) 
19 december 2013 — 18 may 2014
The State Tretyakov Gallery | Moscow, Russia

The traditional changeover of exhibitions in the graphic arts collection will no doubt arouse as much public interest as the exhibition on pastel art which was first put on back in 2004. Pastels are the most fragile and exquisite of graphic techniques.

Combining the qualities of painting and drawing, pastels are remarkable for the soft, velvety texture and richness of colour. This collection contains about 800 pastels from the Tretyakov Gallery, some of which were purchased by Pavel Tretyakov himself.

The exhibition will also contain around 150 pastels drawn by A Venetsianov, Vrubel, Kiprensky, Levitan, Serov and other artists.

The exhibition will showcase the rich techniques used in pastels and its development in Russian art from the moment of their appearance in the XVIII century to its heyday in the early XX century.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
10, Lavrushinsky Lane
Moscow, Russia, 119017