Vigo, Galiza | More(i)ras | Gallery Adhoc

From September 24th to November 14th, 2015

Gallery Adhoc, Vigo, Galiza.

Gallery adhoc is pleased to present the project more(i)ras, performed by Joan Morera (Vigo, 1984). This author works around the memory and the construction of the landscape through documentary sources: his artistic production is a continuous return to see

The Project More(i)ras  develops from the imaginary and relating personal Joan Morera has in relation to the Iguazu waterfalls: photographs taken by the author's grandmother in 1987 and the famous film mission, directed by Roland Joffé in 1986, shot in waterfalls.

Photographs from the family context are the result of a specific historical juncture. While they were on a tourist trip to Iguazu falls in 1987 – the so-called industry without smoke or industry without chimneys, tourism, acquires from the eighty one important development in Argentina, also are a mute testimony of visits between families separated by migration: these images were made when the author's grandmother returned to Argentina to visit his brothers after several decades; they are images of reunion. This type of family photographs as memories are hidden in boxes, albums and boxes by homes and storage of many families. They are part of our iconography.

Shortly before, is filmed almost at the same time, the Mission (1986), film which will be envisioned by the author during his childhood and that made known, throughout the world, falls and its history. This temporary coincidence, serves the author to reflect on their relationship with these place. Thus decides to find and locate one of Guarani children who participates as an extra in the film of 1986: Roberto Moreira

With this imaginary in the backpack, Morera visits, or rather revisits, the emblematic Iguazú waterfalls and the Missions province. Thus offers, through the photographs and other documents, his particular point de vue of one place and landscape fed up represented and stereotyped by the occidental view (look).

The tittle, More(i)ras, results in the author´s last name in his galician-portuguese form to add an "I" and write it in plural. The same "I" of Iguazú and that in guaraní means "water" (Iguazú= big water). The same "I" of Moreira, from Roberto Moreira. Host of coincidences

This Project references the crossing of stories and interpretations contents in a same landscape. Two people from two different worlds with a common connection is the pretext to show the landscape like an intersection, like a crossroad in constant change: is a reencounter project. The exhibition presented at adhoc gallery looks for  approach to the stories that are underneath in the images, witness of the relation with our territory, our landscape and, of course, of our original place.

More(i)ras is the search of the other, the attempt of the past rediscover, rebuild the contemporary and move to his own history closer through the other.

This exhibition understands like a complex construction, open and dynamic: set of images that interrelate in a same place looking interpellator the observer and multiply the story. Each work converses together to a timeless panorama.

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