The Reopening of the Metal Works Exhibit | National Museum of Korea

The Reopening of the Metal Works Exhibit

Permanent Exhibition Hall, Sculpture and Crafts Gallery

Jan-06-2015 ~ Dec-31-2015

National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea invites you to the museum's Sculpture and Crafts Gallery upon its completion of renovation. The renovation mainly focused on emphasizing the gallery's metal works exhibit, which will enable the visitors to follow and appreciate the beauty of Korean metal works.

Departing from the focus on bronze works and Buddhist crafts, the exhibits have been arranged in sections according to material—gold, silver, bronze and iron—to show off the diversity of metal crafts. Of the 250 items now on display, around one third are being presented for the first time after their completion of conservation and restoration work. The display cabinets, made of low-reflecting glass, makes it easier to see the intricate beauty and splendor of the works, while the LED lighting, now much brighter than before, brings out the color. In the best possible viewing environment for metal works, visitors can relax and concentrate on the exhibition.

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