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Left: Patti Smith, ca. 1970. Color photograph. Courtesy of The Patti Smith Collection, F.W. Olin Library, Mills College. Photo: Linda Smith Bianucci. Right: inkBoat, 95 Rituals, 2015. Photo: Pak Han.
Mills College Art Museum 

Patti Smith: Root Connection: 20 Years of The Patti Smith Collection and Shinichi Iova-Koga: The 96th Ritual (for Anna Halprin)

Root Connection: 20 Years of the Patti Smith Collection features rare and unique materials—many never exhibited in public—from the Special Collections of the Mills F.W. Olin Library. Photographs (both of and by Smith), publications, recordings, and ephemera are showcased together to highlight the breadth of Smith's artistic experimentation across disciplines including (and not limited to) poetry, music, and photography.

Co-curated by Mills College Art Museum Director, Dr. Stephanie Hanor, Library Director and Special Collections Curator, Janice Braun, and Smith donor and collector, Robert Byler, this two-location exhibition presents an unusual and intimate examination of Smith's work from multiple perspectives, demonstrating the artist's on-going innovativeness and influence.

A screening room hosts short films in which Smith introduces the places, people, and cultural moments that inspire and inform her practice, such as French writer Jean Genet, filmmaker Robert Frank, and the punk eclecticism of 1970s New York's "Downtown Scene." The exhibition will also include listening stations rotating Smith's music and readings; album art; broadsides and concert announcements; personal effects (yearbooks and a prom photo!); and international versions and various types of releases of her published works.

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